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Psychiatric Care to Fit Your Needs


Each clients treatment plan is individualized depending on their specific needs. Below lists some of the modalities frequently utilized by Middle Way Psychiatry. 

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Amelia utilizes many different techniques and approaches to help her clients in therapy. She is specifically trained in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy. This therapeutic intervention does not require a client to be religious and rather focuses on improving lives through enhancing positive states/experiences. She is gifted in empathetically listening and in offering useful interventions to help her clients thrive. 


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Medication Management

Are you already working with a skillful therapist and needing further intervention or looking for a mindful practitioner to oversee your current medication? Amelia prescribes psychiatric medications thoughtfully and with her patients full informed consent. She is happy to work with your therapist to coordinate care and help you live your best life! Labs may be ordered as needed to inform medication management. Genesight testing also available. 

Amelia is Exposure Response Prevention (EPR) Informed making her ideal to prescribe for patients working with skilled EPR therapists to combat anxiety/OCD.

(No controlled substances are utilized by this practice due to the virtual nature of care.) 

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Complementary Treatments

This may include mindfulness activities, breath work, movement, and supplementation.

Middle Way Psychiatry also offers genetic testing (related to mental health conditions) to clients interested in obtaining this information. 

Costs for Services Explained: 

Cash Prices:

Initial Consultation: $200 - This session will be to establish psychiatric care and will be a thorough review of current and past symptoms and treatment. Session length will be from 60-90 minutes. 

60 Minute Sessions: $150 - Each follow up that is 60 minutes in length is priced the same, this may include therapy and medication management or just therapy/coaching services. 

30 Minute Sessions: $100 - Follow up 30 minute sessions are ideal for patients that have established therapists elsewhere and are working with this clinician on medication management only. Therapeutic approaches will be introduced and reinforced during visit however the primary point of 30 minutes sessions is addressing medication management. 

Insurance Accepted: 

  • Aetna

  • United HealthCare

  • Cigna

  • Humana

  • Bluecross/Blueshield

(Billing to insurance completed through Grow therapy platform at time of appointment.) 

*Coverage may differ between insurance companies and insurance policies. If you are unsure of your insurance's coverage for psychiatric services, please call the number on the back of the card for more information. 

*Superbills available for out of network billing.

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